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Check out their public profile of our Artist Of The Month for July: “Operating out of North London, Gold Wolf is a high energy band that produces a sleek, polished rock and roll sound. They incorporate elements from Brit Pop and UK indie super stars, while mixing in styles from across the Atlantic. All with tight harmonies and strong, solid drums.”

All very true. Listening to Gold Wolf’s music you immediately understand they’re superb performers. You can hear their inspirations and influences. What surprises is the ability to merge those inspirations and turn them into something completely new. Not an easy task nowadays. Gold Wolf is a pleasure to listen to over and over again, in the same way you keep listening to the bands who made music history — enjoy their sophisticated multi layered sound and follow how each band member contributes to their unique style.

What’s fascinating with Gold Wolf is that while you sit speechless and amazed at their ability, creativity and innovation, you can still feel the passion. And they are most definitely having fun! It is quite a rare combination, a band that self describes their music as “neatly chiseled rock and roll” but is also able to put real emotions and feeling into it. We’re big fans and will closely follow the bright future that awaits them.

Gold Wolf was formed in 2013 and they played a long string of shows across the London indie scene. Their debut self-named EP Gold Wolf was released in June and was well received by critics. Gold Wolf is currently touring across the UK to promote it and their fan base is, unsurprisingly, growing steadily.

To support this release, Gold Wolf are now preparing for a Fall/Winter European tour taking in all major cities across the continent. Having already plied their trade in the UK and Portugal, their management team is always keen to hear of any special cities, towns and venues that you would like to see Gold Wolf perform at.

So please get in touch if you have any ideas!

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